Why Automatic Kitty Litter Boxes Are Awesome

Kitty Litter

The automated kitty litter box can be an incredible technology. We personally enjoy Cat Nap Store’s automatic self cleaning box. Who isn’t sick and tired of personally cleaning the cat’s kitty litter box every day? Clearing up the smelly messes that your kitten leaves for you is just about the very last thing you want to go back home to during the night or get right up to each day. Even the easily scoop-able clumping litter continues to be somewhat of a headache. Is actually a self-cleaning kitty litter box the right solution for you?

The expense of an automated feline kitty litter box can range between under $100 to up to many hundred dollars. Choose a budget before you commence to shop.

Where will the kitty litter box be kept? You will need to make that decision and that means you understand how large the region is and for that reason what the measurements of the new kitty litter box can be. There are many the latest models of of programmed litter containers in differing sizes.

House soiling or removal beyond the kitty litter box is the most frequent reason felines are turned directly into shelters by their caregivers. More aged kitten caregivers sometimes choose to euthanize the pet cat when cleaning a soiled house becomes too taxing and there appears to be no way to better the condition. Appropriate identification and treatment of house soiling problems is of great importance because of this.

Understanding what constitutes natural feline removal manners is also essential. Cats use fragrance marking via urine and other ways to talk to each other. Spaying or neutering felines greatly reduces and usually even reduces these marking habits. Research has unveiled that ninety percent of intact men significantly lowered marking after castration and this female pet cats in estrus (in temperature and for that reason not spayed) show a rise in marking. Whatever the cat’s spay/neuter position, natural elimination behaviours include looking into a potential area, digging a opening, squatting to move urine or feces, and within the area of removal.

Identifying norms is key and it’s really apparent that most cats have an all natural inclination to remove in a clean, safe area where they can notice an area, squat, and cover their waste materials. There are various factors that can deter a pet cat out of this “norm” of kitty litter box use that must definitely be eliminated before deciding that the challenge is medical or behavioral.

The complete cleaning routine with an automated box is automated, turned on either by you or by the timer. The sole downside I see is the purchase price and the amount of time of the cleaning circuit – about 1/2 hour. I likewise have always worried a feline would be startled by cleaning and create a kitty litter box aversion. However, I know many people who swear that it really makes life easy!

Most automated kitten kitty litter box actually comes with an ionizing air cleanser built directly into the machine itself to regulate stench between cleaning cycles. One evident disadvantage of them is the need of shopping for new storage containers as you get rid of the used ones, but it is still worth it to invest in one.

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