Top 5 Fitness Programs In The Industry

Top Fitness Programs

Who amongst us would not like to be fit, healthy and full of energy? From reading tons of honest t25 reviews and P90X reviews, we put together an overview of the top 5 fitness programs in the industry today.

Each of these programs have the potential to change your life, but always keep in mind that it is not the tool, but how you use it.

It is not that we are not willing to work hard—we just want results for the time and sweat that we put in. Many people start off with the best of intentions, but become discouraged and lose heart when the pants size doesn’t drop or the bicep bulge doesn’t grow right away. Legitimate fitness programs are a great way to maximize your time and effort because the well-thought-out and proven plans bypass the guesswork. Here are five of the best, no matter what type of goal you have in mind:

Focus T25
Created by Beachbody superstar Shaun T of Insanity fame, this intense workout can be completed in just 25 minutes and gives you the impact of an hour-long session. It begins with a five-week Alpha cycle to build up a strong base, then takes over with a five-week Beta cycle to build on your foundation. This program is great for those who are short on time.

30 Day Shred
Another fantastic resource for busy folks is Jillian Michaels’ popular program, geared more towards women and fans of the tough-love encouragement from the reality show The Biggest Loser. This plan offers three 20 minute workouts that ramp up through 3 levels of intensity. Focusing on relentless strength, cardio, and abs with no breaks in-between, the goal is to achieve fast results.

This is one of the best-known programs out there, created by Tony Horton. If you have not tried P90X or one of its variations, one of your friends has. It is a 90-day program centered around muscle confusion, which helps with growth and development. The workouts are longer than the previous two, which is a good fit for those with enough personal freedom to set aside the time to indulge in the mind-muscle connection.

DDP Yoga
A great resource for those looking to recover from a setback, Diamond Dallas Page’s athletic yoga program focuses on sports therapy and dynamic resistance. There are different levels of program available, and you choose how much to do each week. If you are looking for some very inspirational stories or are wondering how to possibly get ripped after that injury, this is definitively worth checking out.

If you are more low-key and looking for a customizable workout plan that focuses on small changes and long-term success, this is a fun community to explore. The benefits of this resource have more to do with everyone’s involvement and input. Rather than offering a trademarked plan, you have access to tons of videos and articles to create your own best fit.

These five proven plans are a great start to explore fitness programs that support you in your efforts to reach whatever goal you have set for yourself. No one can burn fat or grow muscles for you, but when you have access to the expertise of a pro, the path to fitness can be exponentially more efficient and rewarding. Each one of these resources feature untold amounts of personal success stories, and what’s to say you can’t be one of them?

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